Check out this awesome infographic with 50 Insane Facts About #Canada! #CanadianFacts #AwesomeCanada #Facts #Infographic  (By Neomam Studios)

50 Insane Facts about Canada [Infographic] Canada is a North American country consisting of ten prov


Missing the capital of Canada, Ottawa!-----and most of the Provincial capitals.

Requirement for all halloween costumes in Canada: must fit over a snowsuit!

Canadian problem - Halloween costumes do not look as good with a snowsuit underneath!

Lol you should see my dad when he comes home from a run in the winter…Canadian guy, long Kurt-Cobain-style hair…yeah.

Canadian Problems

Canadian Problem: Freeze in the morning or sweat in the afternoon - your choice

Canadian Problem

Canadian Problems - Oh what a pretty bird! Why is it hissing--oh my god how does its neck do that? O_o Is it charging? *flees* (Also a Michigan problem)