10 Apps to Help Teach Your Kid a Foreign Language

Foreign language learning apps can help through engaging and interactive content. 10 world language learning apps to foster bilingualism

Online Education Games--Foreign Languages #onlineeducationgames

One Humongous List of Free Online Education Games for Foreign Languages

Worksheets: Clothes in French

Clothes in French

First Grade French Foreign Language Worksheets: Clothes in French- I would white out the pronunciation tips before making copies.

I love the ie language site for its free French lessons

Learn French Online for Free: Phrases, Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation, & Listening Resources • Basic French Phrases

Les chiffres et les nombres de 1 a 20 - par alain le lait. For some reason, my Grade 4's can't get enough of this song.

▶ Les chiffres et les nombres de 1 a 20 - alain le lait (French numbers from

Cute little videos. Might be able to tie this in with my family/house unit for my gr4s ▶ Matt le magnifique, Episode 1 - YouTube

Matt le magnifique, Episode 1 - This story for beginner to intermediate French language learners is about a little boy with a secret identity.

L'halloween arrive! Voici un jeu, une liste de mots illustrés, des phrases à lire et une histoire à écrire.

L'halloween: French Halloween Vocabulary and Writing Activities

L& arrive! Voici un jeu, une liste de mots des phrases lire et une histoire Halloween is coming! Here is a game, an illustrated word wall, sentences to read and a story to write.