Lawren Harris -Group of Seven-Shimmering Water

Group of Seven artist Lawren Harris Shimmering water Algonquin Park, Canadian Group of Seven artists

Lawren Harris - Ice House, Coldwell, Lake Superior, 1923

Lawren Harris - "Ice House, Coldwell, Lake Superior", 1923 This is an incredibale painting.

Grey Day in Town, By the Group of Seven Painter Lawren Harris.

Lawren S. Harris Canadian, Member of The Group of Seven 1885 - 1970 "Grey Day in Town

group of seven - tints and shade lesson?

Rockies scene by Group of Seven's Lawren Harris for auction

Norval Morriseau "Man Changing into Thunderbird"

Norval Morriseau "Man Changing into Thunderbird"Norval Morriseau (Copper Thunderbird) Grand Shaman of the Ojibwa Nation Founder of the Woodlands School of Canadian art and was an important member of the “Indian Group of Seven