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Galentine's Cocktail Recipe | Empress 1908 Gin
Happy Galentine's Day! 💕 Today we're toasting to friendship, laughter, and cherished memories✨Join us as we mix up the stunning Blushing Rose & Blood Orange Gin Fizz by @emilylauraee!
Coming Up Roses | Floral Gin Cocktail Recipe
Vibrant, luscious, and elegant— the Coming Up Roses brings a delightful mix of raspberries, lillet blanc, and romantic florals in every sip 🌹 Visit for the full recipe and more love-infused cocktails!
4 Must-Try Valentine’s Day Cocktails ❤️ | Empress 1908 Gin
Dive into our selection of our most loved cocktail recipes perfect for indulging this month! ❤️ Whether you're celebrating Valentine’s, Galentine’s, prioritizing self-care, or just soaking in the love-filled vibes of the season, these drinks are the perfect companions for any occasion! 💌
a drink with whipped cream and raspberries on the side next to a bottle
Boozy Raspberry Milkshake | Valentine's Day Cocktail Recipe ️
Turn up the romance with a blend of luscious raspberries, floral sweetness, and a decadent scoop of vanilla ice cream! This dreamy Boozy Raspberry Empress Milkshake by is the perfect finale to your date-night menu ❤️🍦
two glasses filled with pink liquid and sprigs
Valentine's Gin & Tonic | Empress 1908 Gin
Our friends from @takestwoeggs bring us the beloved Gin & Tonic, all dressed up for the season of love! 💕 ELDERFLOWER ROSE G&T: Fill a glass with ice. Pour in 2 oz Empress 1908 Elderflower Rose Gin, 3 oz Elderflower Tonic, and 2 Dashes of Lavender Bitters. Stir to combine. Garnish with a fresh thyme sprig. And enjoy!
pink macaroons and flowers next to a bottle of wine on a white table
Rose Pink Macarons | Empress 1908 Gin
Sweeter than any love letter― surprise a special someone with a plate of @TayaFeskovPhotography's charming rose pink macarons, each bite infused with a hint of our Indigo Gin 💕 Visit for the full recipe and more love-infused cocktail ideas!
a woman holding a pink drink in front of flowers and text describing the ingredients for an empression
Bonheur Fizz | Valentine's Cocktail Recipe
We’re swooning over this foamy perfection crafted by our friends @sne_dc. Mix up the romance-filled Bonheur Fizz, and let its effervescent charm sweep you off your feet! 💗 For more delicious recipes, visit
the raspberry martini is ready to be served
Coming Up Roses | Valentine's Cocktail Recipe
Let's kick off the season of love with our twist on the Clover Club. Coming Up Roses infuses a romantic touch with floral botanicals from our Empress Elderflower Rose Gin and delicate complexity from Lillet Rosé. Luxurious and full of dimension, Cupid himself would approve! 💗
French Blonde | Empress 1908 Elderflower Rose Gin
Attention, Swifties! 💜 Today we’re mixing up a delicious Elderflower Rose French Blonde with the help of Sean from @itscocktailhour_. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this one! 💃
valentine's cocktails with emptress 1908 gin and raspberry punch
Valentine's Day Cocktails With Empress 1908 Gin
Love is in the air and we've rounded up a selection of romance-infused cocktails for you to enjoy this season! Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day, Galentine's, or embracing self-love, we’re sure you’ll find a special sip calling your name 💗
a drink and some strawberries sit on a silver tray next to a liquor bottle
Strawberries 'n Cream | Empress 1908 Gin
We're sipping into the month of love with @tarynstastingtable’s Strawberries 'n Cream cocktail 🍓 Crafted with the sweetness of a homemade strawberry simple syrup and the luscious touch of coconut cream. Visit for the recipe!
Strawberries 'n Cream 🍓 | Valentine's Day Recipe
Sip into the season of love with @tarynstastingtable’s Strawberries 'n Cream cocktail 🍓 RECIPE: Add 1½ oz Empress 1908 Elderflower Rose Gin, 3 Strawberries (sliced), 1 oz Licor 43, ½ oz Strawberry Syrup, 1 oz Coconut Cream, and Lemon Zest to a cocktail shaker. Muddle the strawberries. Add ice, and shake until chilled. Double strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a strawberry rose and a mint sprig. Enjoy!
Raspberry Italian Gin Soda | Empress 1908 Gin
Turning up the romance with this creamy, rose-pink delight by our friend @healthylittlepeach! ❤️ RASPBERRY ITALIAN GIN SODA: To a glass, add 3 tbsp raspberry sauce and fill the glass with pebble ice. Top the sauce with 4 oz raspberry sparkling water, 1 oz Empress 1908 Elderflower Rose Gin and 2 tsp vanilla syrup. Finish with 2 oz cream of choice. Mix with a spoon and garnish with fresh raspberries. Enjoy!
raspberry milkshake in a glass with strawberries on top
Raspberry Italian Gin Soda | Valentine's Day Cocktail
RASPBERRY ITALIAN GIN SODA ❤️ Our friend @healthylittlepeach pairs our Elderflower Rose Gin with sweet raspberry sauce and a decadent cream topping, creating a cupid-approved masterpiece! Visit for the full recipe.
Bonheur Fizz | Date-Night Cocktail Recipe
Our friends @sne_dc let us in on one of their cherished weekend traditions; the art of crafting the perfect Ramos Gin Fizz (with a twist)! Join us as we make their stunning Bonheur Fizz 🌹
a woman is holding a bottle of alcohol next to flowers and cake on the table
Bonheur Fizz | Empress 1908 Gin
Introducing today's delight, the Bonheur Fizz by @sne_dc― a divine twist on the beloved Ramos Gin Fizz, packed with romantic florals and spice 💗 Find the full recipe on!
4 Must-Try Valentine's Cocktails ❤️ | Empress 1908 Gin
Still you looking for that perfect date-night drink recipe? Look no further! We've rounded up four of our favourite cocktails for a romance-filled toast 🥂 Visit for the full recipes & more cocktail inspiration! 💖
Pink Rose 75 | Empress 1908 Gin
Impress a special someone with the stunning Pink Rose 75 💗 Featuring a soft pink hue, romantic rose syrup, and a splash of bubbly, this cocktail is a must-add to your Valentine's drink menu! Created by the ever talented @foodie_renee on Instagram✨
a pink cocktail with mint garnish on the rim and an embellishment
Mint To Be | Valentine's Cocktail Recipe
Meet the 'Mint To Be' 💖 Refreshing mint, soft floral elderflower, bright white cranberry and a splash of bubbly soda makes the perfect cocktail to sip with loved ones this Valentine's Day!
an empty martini glass sitting next to a bottle
Valentine's Martini | Empress 1908 Gin
Happy Valentine's Day! We're celebrating with the sweetest day of the year with the beautiful Amethyst Martini 💗 With just a few ingredients, our friend @moodymixologist transforms the traditional Martini into the perfect Valentine's sipper! For more date-night drink recipes, visit our latest blog post at! ✨
Cherry 75 | Date-Night Drink Recipe
A soft red hue, sweet cherries, and a generous splash of sparkling wine make the Cherry 75 the perfect date-night sipper!🍒 Try this delicious recipe by @mykalekitchen, and let us know what you think! 🥂
a pink cocktail in a tall wine glass
Cherry 75 | Valentine's Cocktails
For today's recipe, think Empress 75 with a romantic twist! @mykalekitchen's Cherry 75 features a soft red hue, sweet cherries, and a splash of bubbly ✨ Find the full recipe, and more date-night cocktails on!
the pink rose 75 is next to some flowers and a glass with champagne in it
Pink Rose 75 | Valentine's Drink Recipe
A blend of Empress 1908 Gin, romantic rose syrup, and a generous splash of bubbly make @foodie_renee's Pink Rose 75 an unforgettable Valentine's sipper 💗 METHOD: Add 1½ oz Empress 1908 Gin, ¾ oz rose syrup, and ½ oz lemon juice to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Stir to mix, and strain into a champagne flute. Top off with 4 oz sparkling rosé, and enjoy! 🥂 Visit for more romance-filled cocktail recipes!
Rose Lemonade | Empress 1908 Gin
For Galentine's, Valentine's or a day of self-love, the 2-ingredient Rose Lemonade is the perfect celebratory sip! 💗 Build 2 oz Empress 1908 Gin and 5 oz Rose Lemonade over ice in a chilled collins glass, starting with the rose lemonade and floating the gin on top. Garnish with a lemon wheel and rose petals 🌹 Looking for more romance-filled cocktails? Check out our latest blog post!
two glasses filled with purple and green liquid
Blackberry Gin Smash | Valentine's Drink Recipe
Simple is best― proven once again by @mustloveherbs with the easy-to-make Blackberry Gin Smash! 🙌 Looking for more simple, yet stunning sips? We've rounded up 10 delicious cocktail recipes for you!
valentine's day cocktails with empressions from empire gin - the most loved recipes of the season are here
Valentine's Cocktails With Empress 1908 Gin
It's the season of love! ✨ Whether you celebrate Valentine’s, Galentine’s, or simply love the season of love, we have a recipe for any occasion! Check out our latest blog post for 10 romance-filled cocktails you don't want to miss 💗
the collage shows different types of cocktails in glasses with flowers and leaves on them
10 Must-Try Valentine's Cocktails | Empress 1908 Gin
We've rounded up our most loved recipes of the season just in time for Valentine's Day! 💗 Whether you're celebrating Valentine’s, Galentine’s, self-care, or simply love the season of love, we have a recipe for you! ✨
Rose Lemonade | Valentine's Day Cocktail
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we couldn't resist sharing one of our most-loved cocktails from last year again: The Rose Lemonade 💜 With just two ingredients, this romantic sip is perfect for a last-minute toast with your loved ones!
two glasses filled with red liquid and cherries
Sparkling Cherry Cocktail | Empress 1908 Gin
Bring some extra sparkle to your Valentine's Day with the 'Sparkling Cherry Cocktail', created by our friend @emilylauraee. With deep red and pink hues, and a garnish of frozen cherry candies, this spectacular cocktail is the perfect date night sipper!
a bottle of blue liquid sitting on top of a table next to glasses filled with cherries
Valentine's Day Cocktail Recipe | Empress 1908 Gin
'Empress' your loved one with a delicious Valentine's Day cocktail! The 'Sparkling Cherry Cocktail' from the talented @emilylauraee will add that bit of extra sparkle to your romantic day✨