This might work for Maggie if you got rid of the ends somehow    Maggie is a chewie-destroyer MASTER!!!

Saving this because I always need a refresher on how to do it.

Les Youtubeuses, Emma Verde, Perms, Youtubers, Le Monde, Hair Makeup, Fingerless Gloves, Cabbage, Bom Dia

Emma Verde, Il Fera, Number 2, Minion, Fingerless Gloves, Cabbage, Stockings, Colors

Emma Verde, Prefere, Number 2, Aurora, Images, Ss, Fingerless Gloves, Cabbage, Hair Dos

Emma Verde, Prefere, Fingerless Gloves, Cabbage, Hair Dos, Books, Music, Colors

Body Works, Emma Verde, Prefere, Perms, Number 2, Lush, Le Monde, Fingerless Gloves, Gummi Candy

Les Souvenirs, Privee, Perms, Emma Watson, Messages, I Want, Everything, Fingerless Gloves, Photographers

Emma Watson, Emma Verde, Cabbage, Other, Books

Charlotte, Cabbage, Stationeries, Drawings

Ss, The Beast

Les Youtubeuses, Cabbage, Colors