Emily Roy

Emily Roy

Emily Roy
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Me and "Paul"!!

Me and "Paul"!!


What some may wonder what's giving your look an extra splash of refinement, you know it's this black velvet blazer from BB Dakota!

Quick and healthy breakfast or cool treat on a hot summer day.

Banana and Mango Shake-Craving a milk shake but are trying to resist the drive-thru? This healthy shake is full of nutrients and has only 150 calories. With just two grams of fat, this potassium- and vitamin C-rich choice is the perfect color for spring!

So bad....but sooooooo good!

Canadian Poutine: A traditional Canadian dish with cheese curds and gravy. Recipe calls for canned gravy but homemade leftover gravy would be better. Also, you can use store bought french fries and make them as directed on the package.

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict: Indulge in a brunch favorite on a weeknight. Breakfast for dinner!

Best Show Ever!!

In 2010 Coronation Street had it's anniversary and entered the Guinness World Records book as the longest-running TV soap.

Ciaran McCarthy

Ciaran McCarthy- he left to be a chef on a cruise ship- wish he'd come back.