Sister Sarah - A nun from the Convent of Truth, Sister Sarah lives under monastic vows in the Welsh border country of Gwent. At only 24 years of age Sarah offends some with her less than conventional methods and irregular conversion techniques.

A big star in the Myrna Loy blazed a trail for Hollywood actresses. Aliya takes a look back at Loy& life and finest movies.

ROUND 6: SEARCH THE PROPERTY  -   note from Edgar with the solution to the cipher. Stay present in the investigation.  Do not let Sam take over.

Miss Scarlet and Colonel Mustard trying to get out from behind the bar - clue the movie

Round 5 - Dessert.  Why she was at the inn last week.  Search through Ethel's personal belongings.

Chefs Emeril Lagasse, Jacquy Pfeiffer, Rachael Ray and the Clinton Street Baking Company share their favorite recipes for delicious desserts with Good Morning America.

ROUND 7: INTERROGATION  -  interrogate the guests and make final conclusions about Edgar's death

ROUND INTERROGATION - Cast blame on the other guests and maintain your own innocence. Meanwhile use the poison to eliminate Colonel Henry Herbert.

ROUND 2: APERITIF  -  Actual identity as an internal spy for the government (don’t reveal).  Mention reason for choosing detective.  He’s outside of the bureau.  You found his business card in victim’s apartment and he said he simply received it from someone at a cocktail party.  So detective seems outside of the spying business and that’s why you chose him.  But can he be trusted?  THEN go find body.

Cher is back on the charts with ‘Woman’s World’

ROUND 2 - APERITIF Missing man is your half brother. Can you trust Rachel?

ROUND 3  -  AFTER THE BODY  Call the police

Classic British Bakelite Telephone ~ Day I'm grateful for a Brother who always seems to have time for me.