Big Data: Set to Make a Big Impact in eLearning  - eNyota Learning

Want to know what is the role of Bid Data in eLearning? Check this technology trend called Big Data and how it is set to make a big impact in eLearning.

“The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is to not train them and keep them” – Zig Ziglar. Most enterprises across the globe today realize the importance of training and development programs to develop their most valuable.

How Technology Benefits Learning

Wondering how Technology Benefits Learning? Check some of the countless ways in which Technology Benefits Learning and makes it more engaging and effective.

Tools and Technologies that are eLearning Mainstays! - eNyota Learning

The eLearning developers need the right set of authoring tools, ones that are flexible and versatile, with which they can create and design new concepts easily.

Learning Management System Requirements That Small and Medium-Size Companies Look for - eNyota Learning

8 Learning Management System Requirements of Small and Medium-Size Companies - e-Learning Feeds

Agile Project Management In eLearning Development - eNyota Learning

In the Agile Development approach, rather than plan the entire project upfront in great detail before development, the focus is on looking at faster iterations and smaller builds.

What Happens in (DevLearn) Vegas gets Blogged About - eNyota Learning

Late in September and early in October I made my way to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas NV along with 2800 other learning, eLearning and Training & development enthusiasts for the eLearning Guild’s DevLearn

Why mLearning is the Way to Go? - eNyota Learning

Mobility has slowly trickled down in our lives. Its benefits are impossible to ignore. Mobile usage is not limited to a means of communication, but now they have become an integral part of IT workforces working style. Even, presently, table…