Ethiopian Berbere Hamburger - Épices de Cru

This mouth-watering hamburger recipe was featured on The Ricardo Show.

Ethné's Shepherd's Pie - Épices de Cru

Aleppo Pepper Corn in Ethné's Shepherd's Pie - Épices de Cru

Beef Shashlik - Épices de Cru

Shashlik is a little Turkish kebab of cubed beef in a spicy, slightly acid marinade.

Singapore Beef and Rice Noodles - Épices de Cru

This classic of Singapore street food marries Indian flavors with Chinese cuisine. Chinese ingredients are the ideal compliment to Indian curry.

Veal Cheeks with Tajine Spices - Épices de Cru

This truly is slow food. You can easily substitute the veal cheeks by using veal shanks, shoulder cubes or veal ribs.

Chile Con Carne - Épices de Cru

This genuine rendition of chili con carne is best with tender cubes of meat. Accompany chili con carne with frijoles, tortillas, and salsa.

Little Italy Meatballs - Épices de Cru

This is a classic Italian-American recipe, especially if the well browned meat balls are simmered in a simple tomato sauce and served with spaghetti.

Sopa Seca de Orzo (Tex-Mex Pilaf) - Épices de Cru

This is a great way to use orzo which resembles a grain of barley. Feel free to vary the meats used; cooked chicken is also a succulent option.


A San Diego favourite, the California burrito features french fries and carne asada for a filling, flavourful meal.

Beef with Coconut Milk - Épices de Cru

A very simple stewed beef recipe with an irresistible aroma. A hardy dish perfect for cold winter days.