Creole Marinade - Épices de Cru

This marinade is great with white meat, but you can also add some to your favourite curry to give it a Carribean flavour.

Beauce Vinaigrette - Épices de Cru

This Salt-Sweet-Aromatic vinaigrette is a creation from our catering days. Its name comes from the Beauce region, a part of Québec known for its maple syrup.

Spice Trekkers Rub - Épices de Cru

We are dedicated to procuring the world's best spices and blends.

Sweet and Sour Maple Syrup Salsa - Épices de Cru

Use as a baste for grilled meats, chicken or rack of lamb. Serve the remaining salsa as a condiment.

«East Coast» Butter for Seafood - Épices de Cru

"east coast" butter for seafood, a delicious recipe in the seasoning section of Montreal’s Public Markets site.

Greek Vinaigrette - Épices de Cru

Don’t confine yourself only to Greek salads when using this dressing! It’s delicious on a simple cucumber salad or on grilled sweet peppers.

Bengali Mango Chutney - Épices de Cru

​It is best to use the small, green, very hard mangoes which are sold in Chinese or Caribbean groceries, as opposed to the half-ripe ones usually found in supermarkets.

Recado Rojo - Épices de Cru

Recado Rojo - Épices de Cru