Grilled Fish with Zaatar - Épices de Cru

grilled fish with zaatar, a delicious recipe in the main dishes section of Montreal’s Public Markets site.

Smoky Oaxacan Shrimp - Épices de Cru

Smoky Oaxacan Shrimp are versatile: serve as a side dish, appetizer or main course, cold or hot.

Fish Tajine - Épices de Cru

This recipe can easily be made with boneless fish filets, which would make the dish easier to eat.

Imperial Kashmiri Curry Lobster - Épices de Cru

If you prefer to buy your lobster already cooked, reduce the cooking time suggested so as not to overcook it. This recipe works very well with snow crab.

Panch Phoran Shrimp -Épices de Cru

Panch phoran, the classic Bengalese masala, is a very versatile blend that is commonly added whole and roasted in the early stages of the recipe.

Crispy Juicy Salmon - Épices de Cru

This simple, healthy, quick and delicious salmon recipe requires only 10 minutes of preparation and cooking.

Little Italy Grilled Tuna - Épices de Cru

Grilled Tuna Salad Sandwiches Add a little interest to your tuna salad sandwich! A few simple substitutes like grilled tuna steaks and watercress take this tuna sandwich to town!

Indian Blackened Fish

It was quite refreshing to see a cooking technique normally associated with Louisiana flawlessly executed in a New Dehli restaurant.

Philippe Pan-Fried Halibut - Épices de Cru

Vegetable Spices, the blend we perfected more than twenty-five years ago, takes center stage in this recipe.

Egirdir Fishmen's fish stew - Épices de Cru

This simple traditional fisherman's recipe uses the entire fish. The bones and the head add richness to the sauce, and the flesh does not fall apart.