Ethiopian Berbéré Cauliflower with Bacon - Épices de Cru

Smoky Oaxacan Shrimp are versatile: serve as a side dish, appetizer or main course, cold or hot.

Wholesome and Creamy Cretons - Épices de Cru

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We often use the same ingredients for making marinades as we do for vinaigrettes. The difference is in the proportion of the ingredients.

BBQ Pork Brochettes - Épices de Cru

This recipe is equally great with chicken, beef or lamb; simply adjust the cooking time to suit your choice of meat.

Pinchos Moruños - Épices de Cru

Pinchos are little kebabs, frequently served as tapas that were almost certainly prepared with lamb before the Reconquista.

Pork Steak with Dionysios' Wild Herbs - Épices de Cru

Pork shoulder is fatty yet tender. Cooking it on high heat helps to get rid of some of the fat and caramelizes the delightful spices.

Curry Wurst - Épices de Cru

German sausages, American ketchup, Anglo-Indian curry, Belgian fries and mayonnaise. This quintessential German street food is beginning to establish a place for itself in our small global village.

Vindaloo Goan Style Pork - Épices de Cru

It's not often that we think of Portuguese-Indian fusion.