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Lost somewhere in space and time ;)  ·  Just an ordinary girl in an ordinary world..,, not! Love visions of beauty, especially natural beauty, it's the best kind! :) Naturally.
Jen Mcnutt
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Crystals & Stones: #Wavelite, from Arkansas, USA.

Wavelite (Arkansas) - Wavellite crystal acts to support those whose decisions require attention to detail and a high degree of focus. It is known as the balancer of energy flow acting as a regulator for optimal physical health.

pink poodle moth

Found in Sothern Anne Arundel County, Maryland "Rosy Maple Moth" "Dryocampa rubicunda" Dryocampa Ceratocampinae Saturniidae BMNA moth midsize pink yellow. I have seen this in real life and its so pretty! I want one as a pet.just because its pink and