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To help you understand the best airlines, prices and times to book and fly, here is a real life story about the pitfalls of choosing low cost option, Tiger

Airfare can often be the priciest part of a traveller’s journey, that’s why flight ticket discounts are so important for tourists. All travellers understand that fare compare websites like expedia or kayak help find the lowest prices for vacations, but there is a lot more to flight ticket discounts than just comparing sales.  - Epictourist

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If you’re looking for Bing travel, unfortunately the feature has been removed. Bing travel was a great tool for travellers and tourists to use because it predicted the best time to buy airline tickets. The handy tool used algorithms to determine trends in the airline market, and savvy traveller’s used these insights to book cheap flight tickets  - Epictourist

"What's in My Bag: 13 Business Tools I Can’t Live Without". Our Pocket Toddy on-the-go cleaning cloth makes an appearance!

If you want to travel all over the world, visiting countries that may take more than a day, by air, to get to, flights for cheap will be the most important way to keep costs down.  - Epictourist

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