equiYoga - Yoga for riders in the cross-country course

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eYo - equiYoga is a unique yoga method for riders that can be used on and off the horse. eyo.lachevalerie.org / eyo@lachevalerie.org

"eYo" - equiYoga
Wide-legged forward bend pose variation (with mudra) Eagle Pose, Forward Fold, Cross Country, Horses, Yoga, Cross Country Running, Trail Running, Horse

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Wide-legged forward bend pose variation (with mudra)

Mountain pose is the basis for all the others standing postures in yoga and is quite beneficial if you are looking to improve your posture on the whole. Mountain Pose, Cross Country, Yoga Poses, Horses, Dogs, Travel, Animals, Wall, Cross Country Running

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Downard facing dog on the wall (on the horse) pose