DIY Microwaveable Heat Packs - Sew microwaveable heat packs from colorful fabric. What a cute and cozy gift!

Microwaveable Heat Packs: DIY on a Dime

easy DIY carpet deodorizer

Homemade Carpet Deodorizer with household staples-very cheap and easy to make! Mix your baking soda and borax in a mason jar (or any other container you might have on hand.

5 Easy (and frugal) recipes for cleaning products you can make yourself

If you want natural cleaning products, making your own is often the most frugal option. Here are easy recipes for 5 Cleaning Products You Can Make Yourself.

Nacho Cheese Dip - enjoy it on game day!

Epicure's Nacho Cheese Dip Ingredients : Epicure's Nacho Cheese Dip Seasoning, light sour cream, light cream cheese, grated cheddar cheese Blend ingredients and spoon into heat-proof serving dish. Serve with tortilla chips.

Powder Laundry Detergent

Make your own powdered laundry detergent. Can also be used along side you regular detergent as a booster!