Primary French Immersion Resources: POMMES for editing our writing.I LOVE this as a grading code for my middle schoolers, but change the P to pronom, as they have punctuation down, but still make lots of pronoun errors.

French sentence starter prompts Includes: 34 sentence starters/prompts to help with oral communication and sentence generation in French classrooms (French Immersion or Core French)

"La semaine de mon chat" (Comptine et activités de littératie avec le son "a")

(15% de rabais ce weekend) Une comptine et de nombreuses activités de littératie activité toutes prêtes à imprimer. Parfait pour la pratique de mots fréquents (le son "a")

Fun game for learning action verbs--Expand upon it by having students do charades in front of the class with their most unique verbs and have students from other groups guess the verb

Tout sur moi // French All About Me