Erin Brunet

Erin Brunet

Erin Brunet
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Vintage 1950s Parisienne Scenic Skirt- New!

Vintage 1950s Parisienne Scenic Skirt- New!

phonetic alphabet, memorize it, use it, you can thank me later.

the-bantersaurus: robotcosmonaut: Military Phonetic Alphabet via itinerantdispatches brb memorizing my dad always uses this on the phone and stuff haha perks of being a policeman’s daughter I had to learn this for work!

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Home library. If for some reason you don't think this will happen once I have my own castle, you sir, are grievously wrong.

Imagine picking a book from the one of these bookcases, then lazing the day away in this cozy library, reading that book with a cup of coffee and a nice breeze coming in from that window. Ah, I will have a library in my house one day

Aquarius the Water Bearer

Aquarius While their stubbornness can be irritating, their outwardly collected manner and friendly personality gives them a kind of charm that makes it difficult to remain angry with them for long.