Free counting coins clip cards and great books for learning about coins and money.

Free Counting Money Clip Cards for Coins

Awesome website detailing how the teacher utilizes different mentions to help kids memorize basic math facts!

math menu - lots of different math options - great for stations or for students who finish early. This is grade, but is a good idea.j GREAT idea!

Coin critters.

Springtime Mickey Bark

Cool idea to make counting money fun! Just get some loose change, have kids draw arms, legs, and/or other body parts to create their critter then add up the value!

Why Do We Need Money? Anchor Chart

Teaching Strategy: The student will identify goods that people make and services that people provide for each other. One Extra Degree: Economics

How much is a word worth? Perfect for the kids to do with sight words or names and fabulous money reinforcement!

Money Counting Coins: Spelling Activity Center - Math Literacy Integration

how much is a (sight word, theme word or spelling word) word worth? such a cool way to integrate early literacy and math/money!

This link has ten different children's books that help teach the value of money. By telling these ideas through a story, i feel like it will be easier for children to relate to, and it will also help the children have a concrete thing to go back to, to help them remember what they have learned. Amanda Tregellas

Best Children's Books Teach Money Sense

Canadian Coin Unit! Full colour and black and white clipart on almost every page!

This one is for all you Canadian teachers out there. a 164 page unit on teaching Canadian money. For me, money is one of the hardest math.

The kids had to build their own banana splits based on a menu with each item costing a certain amount. They had to draw and color it and then figure out how much their banana split would cost. A great way to review money as well as checking their thinking when it comes to adding several numbers together. I kept hearing, "I've never added this many numbers together before!"

Banana Split menu- students "buy" ice cream scoops and toppings to make a sundae. Then they add up how much their sundae costs and must show their work

Piggy Race Game : Teaching Money Concepts

Look Meg, Jess and others now waiting for these pins! Buddy Game or Manipulative station: Piggy Race Game : Teaching Money Concepts

whole group money game..

Money Game and Family Wants and Needs (First Grade Wow)