A list of the best FREE travel apps you must use on your next trip.

10 Must-Have Travel Apps (That Are Also Free!)

A list of the best FREE travel apps to load on your phone before your next trip.

Bali Packing: 3 Weeks in July • Wandering Intentions

Heading to the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia? Not sure what to bring? Have a look at what I planned for Bali packing!

How to Travel Safely During a Crisis

How to Travel Safely During a Crisis: Advice for Boomer Travelers

Boomer travel tips - How to Travel Safely. Know what to do before you go and during the trip. Safe travel tips for wherever you go.

Castles to explore in Ireland & Northern Ireland • Wandering Intentions

I have a castle obsession. If there are castles present in the place I am traveling - I will be there. So here is Castles in Ireland & Northern Ireland.

Highlights of the Dingle Peninsula Loop • Wandering Intentions

Highlights and missed sights of our one day adventure along the Slea Head Drive on the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland.

A whirlwind tour of Lisbon, Portugal in 3 days - though you will want more! Wandering Intentions.

Have a read through my adventures exploring Lisbon, Portugal. This vibrant city has so much to offer a traveler. We had 3 days, but I think you need more.

3 Week Bali Travel Itinerary • Wandering Intentions

Check out Wandering Intentions' 3 week Bali Travel Itinerary. This is my first ever trip to Asia and I am so excited to branch out my travel horizons!

Waterfalls in Iceland • Wandering Intentions

There are enough waterfalls in Iceland to keep a traveler busy for weeks. Have a look at the ones we managed to see and some that we wish we saw.

Panama Travel Itinerary - 9 Days - Wandering Intentions

Panama Travel Itinerary - 9 Days - Wandering Intentions

Sidemen Bali, where time stood still

Sidemen Bali is still an untouched area, ideal for hiking up mount agung, taking in the scenery and enjoying the rural life of the island.

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