How fun! This would be fun to incorporate into the reception.

fun game for guests to play at wedding :-) Is it just me, or does this promote heavy binge drinking? Yep gotta do it lol

Drinko Shot Game - Get it in the maked glass to win a free drink

Drinko Shot Game - Can be played with liquor, juice, beer, or prizes like.extra poker chips or free shot at pool.

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Penny Drop Inexpensive game using a fish tank, jar, water and pennies! Great for an ocean theme party or an outdoor party with carnival style games. Fill tank with water. Place jar in tank. Drop pennies and if it goes into the jar, it's a winner.

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Find the Joker stag and doe game, guest write their names on the card that they want and whoever finds the joker once all the cards are taken wins a prize! Instead of money get them to bet poker chips on the card