Barb & Ernie's:  Paderborn & Bielefeld  Germany. Barb & Ernie's Film pro...

In this video we will show you the city of Paderborn and Bielefeld/Germany.

Barb & Ernie's  Heidelberg am Neckar  Barb & Ernie's Film production

You have visit Germany and did not get change to visit the oldest University City, well here is your change. Good German food, drink and entertainment.

Strasbourg/France 2017 by " Barb & Ernie's Film production "

This is the final adventure video from the Elsace Rigion of France. Of course we are showing the City of Strasbourg and enjoy great french food.

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Barb & Ernie trying to get our Grandson back were he belongs, with his G...

We are the Grandparents of Tyee Feuchter and fighting to get Tyee back into our family life. We have a big fight with our Son Thomas and his wander full ?

Heimbuchenthal/Spessart, Barb & Ernie's Film Production [ " traveling ar...

Heimbuchenthal/Spessart, Barb & Ernie's Film Production [ " traveling around the Globe " ]

Barb & Ernie's Summer 2016 Beautiful British Columbia part # 9