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Infantry of the Royal Irish Rifles during the Battle of the Somme in the First World War. Wilhelm Ii, Kaiser Wilhelm, British Soldier, British Army, World War One, First World, Batalha Do Somme, Schlacht An Der Somme, Korea

Soldiers did all their duty in the trenches Most soldiers lasted for days or weeks No mans land is a piece of land that seperates both countries soldiers, no one ever survived no mans land

- Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party. -Hitler started off as a regular soldier that fought in WWI but then rised to become Germany's leader. - After causing WWII Hitler killed himself. Rothschild Rockefeller, Ideas Principales, Patriotic Words, Study Notes, Occult, World War, Martial Arts, Christianity, Pasta

Appeasment and the rise of Hitler- Germany was in depression before canada. The nazi party rose to power and took over Germnay. September 1 1939 Hitler invades poland that was the spark of world war 2

Leyendecker arrow color 1907 - J. Leyendecker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 1900s Fashion, Edwardian Fashion, Edwardian Clothing, Mode Masculine, Belle Epoque, Style Édouardien, Style Men, Jc Leyendecker, Ww1 History

Men wore top hats to show where they are in life Women showed very little skin Suits were casual clothes everyone wore

Read "Canada at War A Graphic History of World War Two" by Paul Keery available from Rakuten Kobo. A beautifully crafted graphic novel, tracing the achievements of the Canadian Forces in the Second World War. Human Dimension, Juno Beach, Grades, Canadian History, American History, World War Two, Social Studies, Childrens Books, Canada

Canada at war again- september 3 1939 canada joined the war. Women in canada helped with war efforts. Aug 19 1942 allied forces launched an attack called Dieppe 75% of the soldiers died, allied forces were not ready but the germans were, and it was not a surprise attack

People/The Depression November A 'soup kitchen' in Chicago, U. opened for the hungry and homeless by gangster Al Capone during the Depression. Great Depression, Depression Quotes, Swing, Rhapsody In Blue, Dust Bowl, Al Capone, Soup Kitchen, Federal, World History

The Great Depression- Stock market dropped and people started to go into debt. The suicide rate was increase dramatically. Relief camps were created to help men get through the depression

First world war: The Munition Worker: A Play in One Scene Canadian History, American History, Women In History, World History, World War One, First World, France Bleu, Manchester Art, Female Hero

End of WW1 -Women during the war filled in for the men that were fighting in war. -The treaty of versailles was given to germany. -Soldiers coming back from war brought disease with them.

The Roaring 20 S Car Pictures Ella Fitzgerald, Vintage Photographs, Vintage Photos, Vintage Ideas, Antique Photos, Vintage Prints, Vintage Designs, Convertible, 1920s Jazz

The roaring twenties -A law was passed down that banned any use of alcohol including selling, brewing and consuming -everyone was partying and listening to jazz music -everyone was rich and were getting paid minnium wage. Also people were investing in stocks