I toss this with butter, brown sugar, and grated cheese (asiago is nice, so is gouda) then eat the entire package by myself!

Our succulent egg pasta comes in plump triangles filled with an authentically Italian and completely irresistible combination of creamy pumpkin purée and crushed amaretti biscuits for a hint of nutty sweetness. Imported from Italy.

Simply amazing!

A deliciously hearty dish prepared with roasted red potatoes, carrots, celery, onions and tender chunks of seasoned, slow-cooked Angus beef.

So good :)

Imported from Italy, this traditional egg pasta is generously stuffed with a savoury cheese and spinach filling.

An absolutely fantastic dish!

Layers of multigrain pasta with ricotta and partlyskimmed mozzarella cheeses, roasted red andyellow peppers, eggplant and zucchini.

Hard to believe this tasty comfort food is reduced fat!

A hearty main dish for one made with creamy mashed potatoes, extra lean ground beef and tender peaches and cream corn. With less fat than PC Shepherd’s Pie, it’s a great choice for cutting back without sacrificing a traditional comfort food you love.

Excellent flavors, the product that turned me on to goat cheese

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