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Ethan Meigs

Ethan Meigs
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Hehehehehe id do more than hug him

*Runs up and hugs* Toby: Why are you hugging me? Me: Because your so damn cute! Toby:*blush* Brandi: I can live with you! I can make waffles!

Vincent you knew that someday, you would have to pay, for what you, for what you caused. And when that day came, we all knew you weren't ready. but please wipe away the tears, and we can face your fears. its very hard to see you cry, and i dont know why. we always knew that this was coming. im sorry. but i dont know if i am

Vincent as Springtrap. Also, this is so sad but he's suffering like how the kids suffered.

I don't have any!!!!XD he's gonna kill me!!! I have bread and a toaster..... here, okay. NOW, HE MY BFF. XD

Me: Hmmm. *Take's a bite of toast.* Vincent: *Stares at me and toast hopefully.* Me: Hmmm. *Hands him toast.

Purple Guy Will Be Upset if He Found Out That Little Mikey Survive Part 5

The Purple Guy twitches his neck like I do when I look at certain people on my board.