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How to Make Sprouts - Soak & Sprout Chart

How to soak/sprout seeds/nuts/grains/beans for greater nutrition and digestibility. Wonderful for anyone, but especially for those with gut/digestion problems.

This is one of the beaches in Awenda Provincial Park in Penetanguishene, Ontario. It is one of favourite places. When my son was young we camped there every summer.

I've breasted on that rock in the picture!

Don't let your dreams be dreams.

The thing we need to strive for is the day that we do not need to depend on sleep to live out our dreams. We are living our dreams. There will be no need to dream at night anymore. If you're dreams don't scare you, then they aren't big enough.

I adore Jack Johnson!!!!

He writes songs about his wonderful children, insists venues use low-energy light bulbs and has given away millions to good causes. Is Jack Johnson just too nice to be a rock star? He talks to Craig McLean.

// spirit family reunion

who plays instruments/sings? Can they get together for a jam session on Friday night and then perform for the group on Saturday?