Avalanche, Lake Louise, Canada

Avalanche, Lake Louise, Canada

The Highway of Heroes - Canada is the only country in the world that repatriates all their fallen soldiers to the same location (Trenton Air Base, Ontario). Since 2002 supporters of Canadian Troops have been lining the route on the overpasses of the highway; flying a flag, saluting and showing support as the procession of vehicles passes on their way to the official coroner's office for the Troops located in Toronto. In 2007 the Macdonald-Carter Highway 401 became the Highway of Heroes.

The stretch of highway 401 running from Trenton Ontario in remembrance of Canada's fallen soldiers. The soldiers are taken from Canada Forces Base (Trenton) to their final resting place.

copper Canadian penny, as of 2012 Canada will no longer be producing pennies

The Canadian 1936 dot cent coin. The penny has a tiny dot on the reverse side, below the date, to distinguish it as a 1936 coin made in Only three are thought to exist in the world

Canada's new Prime Minister and the "First Lady"

Canada's new Prime Minister and the "First Lady"

Sophie Grégoire and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the Bal de la Jonquille - Daffodil Ball - Montreal. Justin wears the kilt of his mother's clan, the Sinclairs.

highway of heroes

Highway of Heroes runs from Canadian Forces Base in Trenton, Ontario along the 401 highway to Toronto somber place to drive on

La Poutine...anyone who has not tried this Canadian food is really missing out!

apparently a legendary Canadian/Québécois side dish composed of french fries, squeaky cheese curds, and brown gravy.

Canadian Beaver Tails with Canadian Maple Syrup! The best Canadian treat! They are all over Ottawa!

Canadian Beaver Tails with Canadian Maple Syrup. I have no idea what a Canadian Beaver Tail is but it looks tasty. Need a French Translation.