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Victorian Faces 6

Victorian Faces 6 oil on acrylic ground on paper 5x5", 12.7x12.7cm Painted using Ivory Black, Titanium White and Gamblin's Torrit Grey. The paint company Gamblin makes this oil paint from recycled pigments collected from their air filtration systems. Each batch is a different grey depending on what has been produced since the last cleaning! It is named Torrit grey after the air filtration system.

The bright blue spring sky and newly greened trees, reflected in the flooded waters of Christina Creek Blue Springs, Painting Gallery, Sky, Water, Heaven, Gripe Water, Heavens

Christina Creek Spring Flood - Evelyn Oldroyd Painting

The bright blue spring sky and newly greened trees, reflected in the flooded waters of Christina Creek

Evelyn Oldroyd's  Painting Blog: Summer Nocturne Painting Gallery, Nocturne, Art Blog, Landscapes, Artist, Summer, Paisajes, Scenery, Summer Time

Summer Nocturne

Summer Nocturne oil on plywood, acrylic ground 15.3x15.3cm / 6x6 in The moon through the clouds on a summer night at Christina Lake. I couldn't resist trying to take a photo and was surprised to find it was good enough to use as a reference for painting. The next thing will be to paint en plein air with a head lamp. The February full moon it was too cold to be outside although I know there are those that do paint in all sorts of weather.

Evelyn Oldroyd's  Painting: Red Plate 2 #evelynoldroydpainting #6x6" Red Plates, Painting Gallery, Art Blog, Artist, Artists

Red Plate 2 #evelynoldroydpainting #6x6"

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Evelyn Oldroyd's  Painting: Pig, 6x6", #evelynoldroydpainting Painting Gallery, Art Blog, Artist, Artists

Pig, 6x6", #evelynoldroydpainting

I seem to have the Instagram to Blogger thing working. The photos are just iPhone photos so I will have to update with better ones once the paint is drier and I can work on a good spot for a photo shoot. I have quite a few to catch up on. If the rain holds off for a few days I should be able to get outside and set up. The pig is a little piggybank found at the thrift shop. A few people like to paint pigs I have noticed and I found this fun and difficult. Why did I decide on white on white?…

Evelyn Oldroyd's  Painting Blog: Autumn Alders Painting Gallery, Art Blog, Autumn, Artist, Fall Season, Artists, Fall

Autumn Alders

Autumn Alders oil on mdf, acrylic ground 13.5 x 19,5 cm/ 5 3/8 x 7 5/8 in $100. Painted from a photo taken last autumn walking the trail through the Gilpin Grasslands between Christina Lake and Grand Forks, B.C. Early October is still very warm, the grasses dry and the foliage turning beautiful autumn colours. On this rainy grey day it was nice to paint some colour and remember the walk. Please Contact me to purchase this painting

A 1937 painting intended to portray a 1775 meeting between Peter Pond, Alexander Henry and the Frobisher brothers © "Early Fur Traders" by J. Painting Gallery, Art Blog, Pond, Alexander Henry, Genealogy, Day, Artist, Books, Water Pond

Book Day

“But above all, there lies a country fresh from the dawn, pulsating with life and colour, just awaiting the painter’s brush.” -Betty McNaught My lastest book find is Euphemia McNaught/Pioneer Artist of the Peace by Isabel Perry. There are so many Canadian artists to learn about especially women artists who are largely unrecognised. Euphemia McNaught had studied at Ontario College of Artin Toronto with Group of Seven members Arthur Lismer, J.E.H. MacDonald and others. Euphemia ( known as…

Evelyn Oldroyd's  Painting Blog: Summer Clouds Painting Gallery, Art Blog, Clouds, Water, Artist, Summer, Outdoor, Gripe Water, Outdoors

Summer Clouds

Summer Cloud oil on ply, acrylic ground 15.3x15.3 cm/ 6x6 in $100. A painting from a photo taken late on a hot summer's day at Christina Lake. The lovely high thunder clouds were floating around like heaps of cotton candy. The internet has been down for two days due to tree trimmers cutting the main line on a section of road where the trees have been left to grow too large to be safe for the cutters and the lines. With the winter weather Salt Spring Island has been subject to this year there…

Evelyn Oldroyd's  Painting Blog: Summer Reflections Painting Gallery, Art Blog, Reflection, Artist, Summer, Summer Time, Artists

Summer Reflections

Summer Reflections oil on plywood, acrylic ground 15.3 x 20.3 cm / 6x8 in. Floating on the lake again last August camera in hand on a hot slow summer afternoon. The reflections from the trees and shrubs along the edge took over the usual blue colour of the clear sky. Water is interesting to paint, so many colours when one really looks.

Evelyn Oldroyd's  Painting Blog: Victorian Faces # 9 Painting Gallery, Art Blog, Faces, Victorian, Artist, Artists, The Face, Face

Victorian Faces # 9

Victorian Faces #9 oil on ply, acrylic ground 12.7 x 12.7 cm/5x5 in Another Victorian faces portrait. Painted using titanium white, ivory black and vandyke brown. I found vandyke brown in interesting pigment mixture to use. This tube was grainy in texture and I thought that might have been the age of the tube. I buy tubes of oil paint when I see them at garage sales and also inherited quite a few so they are really old! But I then bought a new tube and found the texture grainy, so I suppose…

Evelyn Oldroyd's  Painting Blog: Spring Sky Painting Gallery, Art Blog, Sky, Spring, Artist, Heaven, Heavens, Artists

Spring Sky

Spring Sky oil on canvas panel, acrylic ground 15.3 x 20.3 cm/ 6x8 in I painted this en plein air from the yard one lovely spring day last year. This overlooks Captain's Passage on Salt Spring Island, but one cannot see the water from where I was set up. I was determined to go outside to paint landscape, after being out with the local painters group a few times. I was overwhelmed during those sessions and didn't come back with any paintings, but the experience was wonderful. This last summer…

Tomatoes are Red Too Painting Gallery, Art Blog, Tomatoes, Sweet Potato, Vegetables, Red, Vegetable Recipes, Veggies

Tomatoes are Red Too

Tomatoes are Red 15.3x15.3 cm / 6x6 in. oil on board, acrylic ground Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day and sending out lots of Love on this day of love. I don't have any heart paintings but tomatoes are red too! A few weeks ago when I did a tomato painting I did a few more placed on different colours.

Evelyn Oldroyd's  Painting Blog: Autumn Walk Autumn Walks, Painting Gallery, Art Blog, Artist, Artists

Autumn Walk

Autumn Walk Oil on ply, acrylic ground 15.3x15.3cm, 6x6 in. I used a reference photo of a Sept. afternoon hike in the dry hills above Grand Forks, B.C. The alders had mostly turned colour, the grass was dry, the day was hot and still. The cicadas were in full voice. The clouds were over the mountains further north and right above us was a hot blue sky. We saw wild mountain sheep, but they raced up the hill so quickly I didn't get a good photo. A lone cow meandered up the hill to join her…

Evelyn Oldroyd's  Painting Blog: Beddis Beach Painting Gallery, Art Blog, Beach, Artist, The Beach, Artists, Beaches

Beddis Beach

Beddis Beach oil on ply, acrylic ground 15.2x15.3 cm/6x6 in My photo reference for this was taken a few years ago on a September morning at Beddis Beach, Salt Spring Island. It could have been the other day. The morning was was so grey with the reflections on the water typical on a stormy morning. The water is grey, the sky is grey with hints of the blue sky behind and a blush of pink from the sun somewhere behind the clouds. With the high wind and pouring rain today I wasn't going to…

Evelyn Oldroyd's  Painting Blog: Lilies oil on ply, acrylic ground 15.3x15.3 cm/ 6x... Painting Gallery, Lilies, Art Blog, Oil, Artist, Irises, Artists, Orchids, Lily

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Evelyn Oldroyd's  Painting Blog: #262 Peaceful Painting Gallery, Art Blog, Peace, Artist, Outdoor, Outdoors, Artists, Outdoor Games, The Great Outdoors

#262 Peaceful

Peaceful oil on linen prepped with traditional gesso 15.3x15.3 cm / 6 x6 in. The slow days of late August at Christina Lake. Most of the tourists and summer residents have departed getting back to jobs, kids to school. The lake is quieter but the days are still full of heat, the lake is warm and we swim every day well into the autumn. My reference photo was taken late in the afternoon and clouds were building and shading the lake but highlighting the sky. I spend a lot of summer time at the…