Crash Course Yarn Review - #210 Hempton, from Hemp for Knitting

For the last month or so I've been working on a super hush-hush, top-secret test knit for Sarah Wilson ( a. The Sexy Knitter ).

2012 National Kint In Public Day-- Fun in Sutton, Quebec!

Lots of sunshine, a gentle breeze, great company, and OODLES of yarn!

Crash Course Yarn Review - Comfort Sock by Berroco

Crash Course in Comfort Sock by Berroco

The Sample Knit Saga--Grande Finale!

This exquisitely decadent and sensually divine creation is finally finished after two months of blissful torture.

As An Experienced Lace Knitter...: The Sample Knitting Saga (cont.)-- part 3

As An Experienced Lace Knitter.: The Sample Knitting Saga (cont.)-- part 3

A Crafty Plan: The Sample Knit Saga (cont.)-- part 2

I'm so glad the weather has changed bringing Southern Quebec warm sunshiny afternoons.

Making Time For Yarn: The Sample Knit Saga-- part 1

I was super excited when Lucinda asked me if I wanted to knit up a store sample this past weekend. I jumped at the opportunity to play with.