The 29 Most Canadian Things To Ever Canada In Canada  this is sooo funny!! ONLY IN CANADA!!

The 29 Most Canadian Things To Ever Canada In Canada

I see, Canada sends Bieber to America and keeps this to themselves. Touché, touché.

Canadian Bobsled Team - Justin Kripps, Tim Randall, James McNaughton, and Bryan Barnett. Justin's website partially banned in Russia because of this photo?

Apparently you can never have too many hockey rinks! and this is why I love Canada!

Hockey in Canada. Should be Hockey in Plaster Rock. As this is World Pond Hockey held every February in Plaster Rock, NB Canada.

Hoser is still my favourite Canadian slang-word.

The 2012 Canadian Hoser of the Year Awards

Sorry, you ain't gonna catch me with Molson Canadian. At least make it tempting. Throw in  Sleeman's or Alexander Keith's! Just saying.

Not all of us want free beer. Ok, yes Molson Canadian will get Canadians, but still. Any non-Canadian beer won't work on us.

Could we use this as evidence that beer is an effective recovery drink? #Olympics

Team Canada's Passport-Required Beer Fridge Deserves the Gold

Who needs an Olympic medal when you've got free beer, eh? Thanks to a "beer fridge," the Canadian Olympic House in Sochi is where the party's at. The alcohol vending machine, created by Molson Canadian, only opens by scanning a Canadian passport.

How People Keep Their Beer Cold In Canada -  PatricktheCreator, who uploaded the photo to Reddit, explains how this magnificent technique came to be.

I don't know how people from other countries keep their beers cold, but uh. here in Canada. >>Canada I'd doing something right, eh?