18th Birthday gift basket. On the back of each numbered gift there is a connection to what she can do now that she is 18....i.e "you can play the lottery!" with scratch offs inside, and "you can legal

INSTRUCTIONS: bring all your friends together and all buy presents the. Get a bucket fill it with confetti them then stick all the presents together. WALA AWESOME PRESENT❤️❤️❤️

This is a 18th Birthday Basket filled with 18 envelopes - full of gift cards, notes, license to vote instructions, money, etc.  I used styrofoam on the bottom of the basket at different levels and skewers you BBQ with to achieve the different levels and directions of the envelopes.

birthday basket for my son's birthday. Filled with gift cards and notes to open numbered presents - he loved it! I would make the gifts better as the number increases

18 Presents For An 18th Birthday - The Life Of Spicers

18 Presents For An 18th Birthday

The BEST candy gram ideas ever! Notes written with candy. candy cards.

The 11 Best Candy Gram Ideas

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