1920s men's hats at vintagedancer.com  Panama, homburg, derby or bowler, newsboy, fedora, gambler, boater and top hat.

1920s Grooms and Groomsmen Attire

Shapes for men's hats - Fedora = reporters, Boater/ Gambler = Hollywood Agents, Top Hat for Ladahlord and Grasshopper.

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Formal suspenders for everyone -- bring on the leather wedding bindings

I love Bobby's outfit in this pic. Jason had the same idea for his groomsmen, maybe minus the hat and suspenders

1920s men's Art Deco shoes, 2 pairs

men's Art Deco shoes, 2 pairs Well these are pretty much the coolest shoes I have ever seen

Veja também a primeira parte da seleção de imagens da década de 30


The cut of men's suits and jackets varied throughout the and The Sacque suits is traditional and what the average man wore. The saque is an unstructured fit, classic Brooks Brothers. The Oxford suit has a trim jacket with a nipped in waist and

1920's Fashion for Men: A Complete Suit Guide - Updated!

1920s Fashion for Men: Suits, Hats, Shoes

Fashion for Men: A Complete Suit Guide - Updated!- Juan Julian last pose foot propped on books

Men (at least the highly fashionable ones) wore many accessories in the 1920s. Notice the different types of hats (here we see fedoras, straw boaters, and Newsboy hats). Canes were popular accessories as well as small rings, tie pins, and collar pins.

FASHION HISTORY: The Roaring Twenties

Men& Fashion - A Christmas Wish List In The fashions haven& changed THAT much so for 1920 theme parties they have it PRETTY EASY!

Men's Fashion: Mid 1920s 'Jazz Suits' were trendy because after WWI, people started to live a different lifestyle that led away from the formal three piece suit with shoulder pads. Life became edgier, more party-like and men dressed in simpler clothing, with hats, and fashionable canes to go out dancing and partying.

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In the for daily buisness and daily work all men of different ages wore suites. Also tight jackets were a big thing. Ties were casual but bow ties were "fashionable".

1920′s Fashion for Men: A Complete Suit Guide

1920s Fashion for Men: Suits, Hats, Shoes

Get dressed in fashion for men. Suits, hats, shoes, ties, shirts and more. You can make a style men's outfit with new clothes.