52 Week Savings Plan --> More money saved! Staring to save for my wedding now!                                                                                                                                                     More

52 Week Savings Plan --> More money saved! Save for those unused vacation days, guys! Don't feel guilty about refreshing your mind :) your family and co workers need you at your best!

When I stumbled upon the 52 week savings plans, I was hooked. It looked like a fun (and easy) way to save cash. We go on a couple of trips a year, so I use this method to save for them. I’ve been doing it for two years now, and it’s been working out well.(...)

This is a great share from a friend of mine and I wanted to add it to my growing list of savings plans: With the new year coming, lots of people will make some resolutions to save money. I hope tha…

Tired or overwhelmed by the original 52 week savings plan? Try one of these 3 new plans and still feel great about saving your dough!

3 New 52 Week Savings Plans

Reverse Bulk Savings Plan - Do it in (Starts off hard, but gets easier when you get closer to the holidays / end of the year)

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I want to start this right away. I never really thought to plan it out like this. 52 Week Savings Plan

52 Week Savings Plan Start saving now for Scentsy Family Reunion To Join Scentsy Family and my team visit my website.

52 Week Money Saving Challenge  I have down this the last two years! Great way to set aside money for vacations! I put $240 per paycheck (I get paid bi-monthly) in savings.

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Let’s start 2017 off right by saving money with the Week Money Challenge!” This is an easy way to build your savings for you and your family without even trying.

REVERSE BIWEEKLY 52 Week Savings Challenge Planner Stickers

REVERSE BIWEEKLY 52 Week Savings Challenge Planner Stickers