We used to stop at a for a treat - and I'd get a coke float every time, since I didn't like root beer. So tasty...

How to Make Homemade A&W Root Beer

Root Beer floats in frosty mugs! Buy some good quality Vanilla ice cream,(I like french vanilla) and some A&W root beer and be sure to put mugs or glasses prior in the freezer.Delicious on a hot day.

Root Beer Gum..used to love this!

Amurol - A&W Root Beer liquid center bubble gum pack wrapper - 1983 This sounds delicious!

A & W Root Beer Metal Sign #22646 $11.89

A and W Root Beer Pointer Round Metal Diner Sign

A and W Root Beer Soda Metal Round Tin Sign for game room. Looks like a dart board.

For the lactose-intolerant or calorie-conscious:  Add a cup (or less, to taste) of soy milk to a cup of A&W root beer.  Real ice cream is better, of course, but this is a delicious alternative for those who can't have the real thing.  I used original A&W, because I was considering it a treat and I kept the portion size under control.  I suppose you could do the same thing with diet A&W if you're diabetic.

A Root Beer. There is nothing like a frosty mug on a hot day. Our Boy Scout camp was in the San Bernardino mountains. We always stopped at the A & W for a frosty mug on the way home.

A & W Root Beer stand, year of photo unspecified, but looks to be 30s. Photo was most likely taken in either Lodi or Sacramento. Roy Allen began the business in 1919 and took on a partner by the name of Frank Wright in 1922. (Hence A and W)

A&W Root Beer Stands

When there used to be unique shaped buildings all over - the barrel root beer stand

Root Beer Float Cupcakes recipe made with A&W or Mug - fun and easy kid recipe! Add this to your cupcake recipes collection!

Root Beer Float Cupcakes With A&W

Root Beer Float Cupcakes recipe made with A&W or Mug - fun and easy kid recipe! Add this to your cupcake recipes collection!

Root Beer

Drink Sarsaparilla Root Beer and rid your body of nusiance ailments- Bing Images

A & W Root Beer stand

A&W Root Beer Drive In - didn't like root beer, but LOVED going to a drive in.

AW Drive in History | A W Restaurant Locations

A and W restaurants best cruise steadfastly to recapture nostalgic magic

A Drive In with car hops, your order tray hooked onto your car window and those frosty mugs of root beer

In the very early 70's my mom took us to the A&W drive through about 2 times per month. We loved the root beer in the baby mugs, and the tray that rested right on the almost all the way open car window! I always ordered a plain baby burger with onions, and onion rings!

Hard to believe that in the and there were more A W Drive Ins than McDonald's! Remember having a large tray of Burgers, Fries, and Frosty Mugs of Root Beer hooked to your Car Window?

A&W Restaurant | OFF the STRIP™: #47-A&W RESTAURANT(3.0)

In honor of Jane Emerson, long-time San Diego resident and activist