17 ɓίℓdeг som fåг dίg att ѵίℓʝa ɓʝuda ίn tίll gℓöggmίngeℓ

17 bilder som får dig att vilja bjuda in till glöggmingel

This apple pie has a new look that includes specially crafted apple roses. Using the peals and rolling them up into a tight wrap a sweet apple rose is created.

Apple Pie with Roses

Apple pie with roses.tgink I would bake the pie anad add the roses witha dash of cinnamon on top then serve.no baking th roses.

pretty cake for a monochrome wedding

Elegant black and white cake. This would have been perfect for our black & white wedding. They didn't make cakes (that I knew of) this beautiful 13 yrs ago.

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A light blue frosting, you can buy snowflakes or draw them yourself with white icing onto baking paper when dry, remove and put on top of cupcakes and you have christmas/winter cupcakes

Cute girl coloring pages to download and print for free

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Image result for how to make a unicorn cake

Its been one year now since you left me I shall take my balloon and sit in the rain and look so adorably pitiful that you'll have to come comfort me...

I am the angel of darkness.I am very sad all the time.The balloon I have is the reminder of my family.