A ---- Ambiencia / Click on the enlarged image to see an animation of the symbols:

Inspiration, I like the thickness of the drawing, and the way it''s done, could be nice to explore a lampshade in an iconic way

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Design Inspiration #83

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thecatspyjamasclub / logos

thecatspyjamasclub / logos I like this logo/lettering. Still deciding on SB or SACHA or using my full name. Would be nice to have a simple lettered logo. I don't think I can pull off a symbol of any kind!

Logos of the Alphabet - letter A logo - Attido Logo

A list of logos of the Alphabet, the A-to-Z of logo design if you will, logomarks using the letterforms of the alphabet.

Love this logo for 'Aligned Intent' subtle, simple and beautiful

This ligature logo for Aligned Intent I would categorize as sublet. It works well, with both letters aligning well to create one single glyph.

Alpha Media - Letter A Logo. Technology icons. $30.00

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