Today I'm going to share with you one of my favorite lessons to teach!It's the HOOK I use to begin our unit on adjectives.I gather my kiddos on the carpet, and show them my brown paper bag.  I tell th

Teaching Adjectives with SHOW & TELL (TheHappyTeacher)

Adjective Surprise: Put a mystery object inside of a brown paper bag. Give students clues about what is inside the bag using only ADJECTIVES! [Recap of Autumn Term, to be extended in Spring]

Adjective Task Cards

Adjective Task Cards - Brainstorming and Sentence Writing

These Adjective Task Cards provide students with the opportunity to brainstorm appropriate adjectives which could be used to describe an image. The activity also provides them with an opportunity to use the adjectives in a sentence context.

Describing Words Activity, Adjectives Activity, Parts of Speech, Descriptive Words

Apples to Apples Adjectives Activity

TpT freebie=Free Adjectives Activity Center for Small Groups. Play Apples to Apples to practice describing pictures using adjectives. Shuffle the picture car.

Education: Adjective Word Challenge

Adjective Word Challenge

Use this free worksheet to add a little fun to your "Parts of Speech" unit. Great activity for early finishers, also! It is from the larger product Word Challenges - Fun Worksheets for