Highlander - Promo shot of Adrian Paul


Highlander - Promo shot of Adrian Paul. The image measures 1535 * 2126 pixels and was added on 10 February

Duncan MacLeod...Adrian Paul The Highlander The Series Season 2

"Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul) - Highlander: The Series (Season Two "Epitaph for Tommy")

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Adrian Paul

One of my favorite shows in the was Highlander , with Adrian Paul as Duncan McLeod. I'd loved the Highlander movies, earlier (well .

Duncan MacLeod, The Highlander aka Adrian Paul LOVE THIS PIC

Adrian Paul ( Duncan MacLeod, Highlander: The Series) The perfect 50 ;-) Looks a little like Khal Drogo in this pic

Adrian Paul - actor , he would make the best 007 since Sean Connery! And I do believe he's Scottish as well

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Adrian Paul - the only reason I missed Saturday classes was to watch the cheesy tv series, HIGHLANDER! He was so hot! (kinda reminds me of a young Sean Connery)

Adrian Paul

I miss watching Highlander with Adrian Paul as Duncan McCloud of the Clan McCloud

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§§º§§ Adrian Paul Hewett from television series Highlander: The Series

Adrian Paul

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Duncan McLeod - Highlander - Adrian Paul - There can be only one!

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