Ahhh! Real Monsters, 90's Nickelodeon :) As a little kid I licked the toilet because of this show.bahaha not a lie

Flashback: 15 Cartoons From The '90s That We Wish Would Make A Comeback

The dog days of summer were spent playing nintendo, munching Pizzerias, watching "Rugrats" and "Are you Afraid of the Dark?" and safely running or biking to the your friend's house in the next lock.... AT NIGHT (dun, dun dunnnnn); Playing outside after dark was NORMAL, walking alone was okay, and nosy neighbors tattled like dogs.

23 Things You May Have Forgotten About The 90s

Real A show about adolescent monsters-in-training. The three main characters (Ickis, Oblina & Krumm) attend an institute for monsters under a city dump and learn how to frighten humans.

Real Monsters - Ickis by *Hylian-Rinku on deviantART

A very quick drawn and painted Ickis. I felt like drawing something simple and been watching Real Monsters, he w.

photoofrealmonstersoblina - Google Search

Decided to do something easy and make a fan art of one of my favorite throw back shows on old school Nickelodeon, Oman Nickelodeon was the king of good . Oblina from AHH Real Monsters

Aaahh Real Monsters | Hardcore Perler

Aaahh Real Monsters | Hardcore Perler

incredible 'Rugrats' + 'Aaahh Real Monsters' mashup- tommy/ickus, chuckie/crum

"Rugrats" Combined With "Ahh! Real Monsters"

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