Akatsuki no Yona: Yona of the Dawn by Shumijin. Beautiful Art.

FanArt of the Day: Akatsuki no Yona: Yona of the Dawn Artist: Shumijin

Would you say our feelings bloom like the flowers around?I would say soc:

❀❀❀ ❀❀❀ ❀❀❀ ❀❀❀ ~ Son Hak et Yona ~ Akatsuki no Yona

Shin-ah y Ao // Akatsuki no yona>>> this is the cutest thing in the history of humankind

Shinah & Ao (Yona of the Dawn, Art) by Lenak - Do not remove/repost without.

Yona of the Dawn - Cyntia steuern zweiten Opener bei - http://sumikai.com/news/mangaanime/yona-dawn-cyntia-steuern-zweiten-opener-bei-4149328/

Yona of the Dawn / Akatsuki no Yona (暁のヨナ). Not since I first saw Fushigi Yuugi have I loved an anime so much so quickly.