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Aneurin Barnard is a Welsh stage and screen actor. He is best known for his roles as Davey in Hunky Dory, Claude in The Truth About Emanuel, Robert "Bobby" Willis Jr. in Cilla and King Richard III in The White Queen.

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Aneurin Barnard   a very South Welsh ( Silure) beauty. Found a Silurian! Dark haired, and beautiful.

Aneurin Barnard a very South Welsh ( Silure) beauty. Dark haired, and beautiful.

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Aneurin Barnard. Born 1987, Wales UK. Citadel (2012), Ironclad (2011) and The Truth About Emanuel (2013). Star-o-meter 4,225

Aneurin Barnard , born in Mid Glamorgan Wales UK on May 8 1987 TAURUS "nigh " is in a new costume drama this Autumn 2015 ! I loved him in the white Queen as Richard , D. Quiet and sexy .

Aneurin Barnard.....just coz! ( very little to do with the Plantagenets really, but what the hell!)

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