Everything is grey but the tears are blue and this really portrays a sense of such powerful sadness. It's a beautiful piece of art

I like the emotion and the gray colour, the blue tears rely shows this anime girl's sad emotions. I really like it:)♡

Me when one of my best friend leaves (yani)

(Open RP need boy told in boys point of view)I was sitting in my bed when my…

They tell you to be yourself, and then they judge you, sad, text, Anime girl, crying, blood, bullies, heart, bleeding; Anime

I've been told to be myself or that I need to accept myself but I'm still judged for who I am.

sometimes the people who are so broken, that they get jealous because you are whole.

Illustrations by Alexandria Lomuntad

I honestly don’t know why I’m so flat out with how I feel, like normally people with depression cry when they talk about shit like this. But nope I’m wayyy different.

Such a funny thing for me to try to explain how I am feeling in my pride is to much to say because I know I do really understand just how reality gets involved in our fantasies.

*talks softly* M-my eyes will shatter in tears, my life gets more stronger, my smile turns to sadness.

I fell pretty hard in love with you now I am left with you just talking about someone else I am left all by myself.... But love will kill me by each day... When you were gone you were all I could think about ...

"People who can keep their cool no matter what can persevere through anything." As I have grown older, I have realized I have always lacked a lot of composure as a person. Composure is something I .

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Be a guy or girl) I look down as hot tears stream down my face. My heart aches. It occurs to me that someone is knocking at the door. I wipe my tears and stop crying." I say coldly

drawing girl ....rain is really hard to draw but I have to try this....

Creating reality Alexandria Lomuntad is a Seattle based artist who likes to experiment different mediums. She created amazing mango style drawings with mechanical pencil or digital means. Dwelling Blooming Crying A sea of koi Choices… Continue Reading →