7 Types Of Bullying Types-Of-Bullying-NoBullying Types-Of-Bullying-NoBullying

It's important to know what types of bullying/inappropriate behaviors exist to try to prevent or avoid them. This was added to make us aware of the different types of bullying that goes on.

Ellen Bully Video- Lisle Student Anti-Bullying Campaign

Ellen Bully Video- Lisle Student Anti-Bullying Campaign - This is a very powerful video series to show students of all ages.

Anti - Bullying video

The Haunting Anti-Bullying Video You NEED to See (VIDEO)

Anti - Bullying video, "To This DAY" poem, hugely impactful for middle-high school students

Daisy Chain - a story about bullying narrated by Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet Narrates Anti-Bullying Animated Short Film Daisy Chain


"It's up to YOU" Indirect bullying goes unseen far too often. It's an invisible, draining and negative energy that harms many young teens today.

Very powerful Anti-Bullying Video. Pulls things out of context to make a strong point.

The Anti-Bullying Video That Could Probably Win An Oscar

5th Graders Stand Up Against Bullying: Gives Hope to Many... on YouTube... A POWERFUL video from Arizona...

Graders Stand Up Against Bullying: Gives Hope to Many.this is such a touching video that emphasis how bullying can really affect our children.

Fun End-of-Year Activities ~ Keep Interest and Learning Alive

Last month, more than 200 parents and students participated in the third annual Math Night at Licking Heights South Elementary School in Pa.

Heartbreaking Anti-Bullying Videos

22 Brilliant Anti-Bullying Campaigns

anti-bullying campaigns - It seems the occurrences of bullying have quadrupled in recent years and in order to fight this growing trend, countless anti-bullying campaigns ha.