Alfajores are soft, delicate cookies from South America made, surprisingly, with cornstarch. The cornstarch gives the dough a smooth, satiny texture that makes...


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Dulce de Leche Recipe (Latin American caramel spread) but with a knob of butter at the beginning and using some white and some brown sugar

Argentinian Alfajores w/Dulce De Leche | Flourishing Foodie

Argentinian Alfajores with Dulce De Leche - replace Dulce De Leche with smooth Biscoff spread!

Chocolate-Covered Sandwich Cookies with Dulce de Leche (Alfajores) recipe. #sandwichcookies

Chocolate-Covered Sandwich Cookies with Dulce de Leche (Alfajores)

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Alfajores Cookies… The only thing that Argentineans love more than hefty pieces of steak and strong coffee is alfajores. Sophia Real from Real Simple Food saves us a trip to South America by teaching us how to make them at home.

The Sandwich Cookie Argentineans Love More Than Steak

Pin for Later: 25 Cookies From Around the World Argentina: Alfajores (Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookies) Get the recipe: alfajores (dulce de leche sandwich cookies)

Rosketti cookies are made with pleny of cornstarch and are generally shaped into coil rings. This is a luscious rosketti recipe using heavy cream, butter and eggs.

Guam roskette recipe, roskette video and roskette picture tastes like the cookies used in the Latin American Argentinian alfajores


1 cup yogurth (natural or flavoured) 2 cups white sugar 3 cups regular flour 1 cup sunflower/olive refined oil 3 eggs 1 ts baking powder Mix and bake C (Pre-heat oven) for +/- 45 minutes.

Alfajores | Williams Sonoma

Alfajores are arguably the most famous Argentinean dessert, sold worldwide and prepared in most countries in Latin America. The dulce de leche filling is also .

Аргентинское печенье (alfajores de maizena) • Печенье, пряники и прочая мелкая выпечка

Аргентинское печенье (alfajores de maizena) • Печенье, пряники и прочая мелкая выпечка

Receta de alfajores Havanna caseros - Taringa!

Receta de alfajores Havanna caseros

Havanna alfajores---ridiculously good cookies straight from Argentina! Sold only at Central Market for one week a year.

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The trouser-like items called gauchos are similar to Capri pants .

Alfajores - Alleko/Getty Images

Alfajores - Alleko/Getty Images

Autenticos Alfajores Era una tradición en Córdoba que, en los conventos, las religiosas prepararan las tabletas, unas galletas cuadradas unidas entre sí con dulce de leche. Fue a mediados del siglo XIX cuando su forma tradicional cambió y se hizo redonda. Las tabletas se popularizaron en el mundo entero con el nombre de alfajores. Hoy se saborean en toda Argentina acompañados del tradicional mate.

Learn to make an Alfajor cookie at Four Seasons Resort in Carmelo, Uruguay

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