Claude Monet - Né en 1840 - Le Bassin aux nymphéas

Claude Monet Water Lily Pond painting is shipped worldwide,including stretched canvas and framed art.This Claude Monet Water Lily Pond painting is available at custom size.

La grande vague de Kanagawa, estampe de Katsushika HOKUSAI.  C'est la première des quarante six estampes composant les "Trente-six vues du mont Fuji".  Certainement l'oeuvre japonaise la plus connue au monde.

ukiyo-e woodblock print The Great Wave off Kanagawa, one of the best-recognized works of Japanese art in the world

Takes me back to that time in my life where I lived and traveled in Japan. Love this Japanese Travel Journal! Thank you! #art #drawing #scrapbook

おっきいでんな?とはiPad。文具王曰くジムニーはステーショナリー的。トラベラーズノートダイアリーも入荷しました。 - アピログ(ジムニーから食べ物までアピオ社長のつれづれブログ

Travel journal ideas and inspiration. Techniques for keeping an art journal, scrapbook, or sketchbook. I love the midori traveler's notebook pages

“ Japanese ocean wave design. Ha Bun Shu. 1919. ”

From the book Ha Bun Shu, by Mori Yusan, Japan or Hamon Shuu: Collection of Wave & Ripple Designs, by Yuzan Mori, Kyoto 1903

Two Koi Swimming Towards Happiness Asian Art di TigerHouseArt

Two Koi Swimming Towards Happiness Asian Art Poster Print

Two Koi Swimming Towards Happiness. Koi are a beautiful and frequently used motif in Asian art. Because it struggles against the current of the river it has become the emblem of strength in.

Broderie de 12 mois par Yumiko Higuchi livre de par MotokoThreads

12-Month Embroidery by Yumiko Higuchi - Japanese Craft Book

[ BOOK DETAIL ] Language: in Japanese Condition: Brand New Pages: 78 pages Author: Yumiko Higuchi Date of Publication: *This book has patterns inside, inseparable from the…

Japanese paper shade 〰

Japanese paper shade 〰

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Boatman by Hasui --- Hasui was a prominent Japanese painter in the late and early His paintings were mostly of rural life and landscapes in traditional oil and watercolor paint. However, he also created a large body of woodblock prints and

Renard et des mèches / Kitsune renard par TeaFoxIllustrations

Fox and Wisps / Kitsune Fox Spirit Yokai / Japanese Style Art / 11x14 Print Poster Wall Decor

A kitsune pauses underneath a Japanese maple. By Sarah Graybill - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Overall Size: inches Edition: Open Finish: Matte Border:

Le collectif de jeunes artistes japonais baptisé « Kingyobu » est à l’origine de cette transformation d’une cabine téléphonique en aquarium géant.  Pour les personnes nées après 1995, les cabines téléphoniques étaient ce genre de boîtes de verre où l’on pouvait téléphoner grâce à quelques pièces. Mobilier urbain totalement abandonné, le collectif a décidé de lui donner une nouvelle fonction et une seconde vie.

Cabine téléphonique transformée en aquarium

"Kingyobu", a group of young Japanese artists transformed this former telephone booth into a giant aquarium. An artful way to give obsolete things a second life!

"Beauties In The Snow" ... By Utamaro Kitagawa, Japan

Beauties in the Snow By Utamaro Kitagawa (喜多川 歌麿? 1753 – October He was a Japanese printmaker and painter, who is considered one of the greatest artists of woodblock prints (ukiyo-e)"-".

40 рисунков, текстуры и шаблоны. Вдохновение и графика.  мы выбрали для вас ряд узоров и текстур, которые смогут дать вам некоторые идеи.

40 motifs, textures et patterns à découvrir - Inspiration graphique #14

QUINQUABELLE ou les imperfections parfaites!                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

bingata-dyed fabrics are characterized by strong distinctive patterns developed under the influence of seafaring trade between china, southeast asia, and japan from the or century. from suntory museum of art.

kr0npr1nz: “Little study from photo in Japanese lifestyle magazine “MORE” ”

kr0npr1nz: Little study from photo in Japanese

Official Post from Kuvshinov Ilya: Little study from photo in Japanese lifestyle magazine "MORE" My awesome patrons will get: ♥ High-Res ♥ Process Steps ♥ PSD ♥ Video Process of this piece at this week's rewards! Thank you for your continuous support!