This is the work of American painter Carole Rabe … is it rude to invite myself into her oil paintings for a cup of tea, or maybe a glass of lemonade? So homey, and those colors… ahhh, dreamy.

Our blue #corridor, boiserie by oracdecor and blue color by Ressource, designed by #ethnicchic_interiors (, Photograph by Peter Baas #salonresidence

The after-impression of the first edition Salon Residence

love print studio blog: Colour crush...

love print studio blog: Colour crush...


Cool surreal art photography , the space explorer , great art gift for men or decorative design for masculine interiors pixels

Art Nouveau & Art Deco An architectural odyssey

Art Nouveau & Art Deco: Anarchitecturalodyssey

Brussels' Art Nouveau and Art Deco treasures shot for Christie's Magazine. Photography by Frederik Vercruysse

Handmade doll toy Tilda doll Interior doll by AnnKirillartPlace

Handmade doll toy Tilda doll Interior doll Art doll blonde blue colors Soft doll Cloth doll Fabric doll Love doll by Master Alena Raduga

Yellow decor Gavin Leather Chair in Echo Marigold Leather in a design by Shay Geyer of IBB Design, TX


These lovely, calming pieces are the work of Japanese artist / illustrator Fumi Koike. Her muted palettes and simple observations of day-to-day life make me want to slow down

Type of Chairs

styles of chairs this will take you to a larger image as well as a nice write-up on some chair styles through the ages.

A modern fireplace instantly become a breathtaking focal point for any room, but with new advances in energy efficiency.

Green doll Interior doll Home doll Art doll by AnnKirillartPlace

Green doll Textile doll Rag doll Baby doll Interior doll Art doll Handmade doll Tilda doll Soft doll Fabric doll Cloth doll by Olga S.