Young Justice. Artemis as a Blue Lantern. And then she discovered hope. <3 You can find more awesome art here ---->

after he was gone she found hope was the only thing left. Artemis Crock YJ by Murrmernator

Artemis Crock by bechedor79 on DeviantArt

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"Recognized Artemis B07"

Hey everyone I'm Artemis. I am on the Young Justice team and I am 15 years old. I love my team like family so mess with them and you have to answer to me. I am also an Archer.

Wally and Artemis. YJ

And just like that he fades to another time, another place. Yellow streaks fade to grey. ~PlethoraOfThoughts(Artemis Crock Wally West Kid Flash Spitfire YJ by Murrmernator

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Artemis Crock as Tigress, by the amazing Artist Phil Cho

"Tigress" sponsored by an anonymous backer, and dedicated to the memory of Joshua Dean Westerman, for&nbsp; Concept/Design by Roy Westerman Character Owned by DC.