Unknown artist (found through Pinterest)

Unknown artist (found through Pinterest) (Art Journaling)

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Awesome art journal piece by /misty/.granade Loving how she integrated a piece of the May calendar from April's box by makermonthly (Diy Art Journal)

Another dose of Art Journaling – using Vintage Autumn Basics | Official blog of MajaDesign

I like the journaling around the images. Another dose of Art Journaling – using Vintage Autumn Basics

Leather Artist Journal  Refillable Art Book and Pencil by odelae, $165.00

Leather Artist Journal, Refillable Art Book and Pencil Holder for Watercolor Artist

If you have not already jumped on the bullet journal train… uh, what are you waiting for? These extremely detailed planners/journals are the single best way to stay super organized, track your habits, and keep up with your busy schedule. Aside from their practical side, they are also a lot of fun to create and play with. The best bullet journals come with a healthy dose of creativity that can act as a soothing stress reliever while also making it look really pretty.

16 Bullet Journal Monthly Layout Ideas To Keep You On Track

hufflenerd: “ ( 34 days to finals ) making bullet journal spreads is time-consuming, but very cathartic. in the midst of applying for colleges, and procrastinating studying for finals, it’s comforting to know that at least my october spread.