Audrey Hepburn, 1957. Publicity shot for Funny Face by Richard Avedon.

Audrey Hepburn, 1957, publicity shot for Funny...

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Photos: The 25 Most Fashionable Films in Hollywood | Vanity Fair#/slide=2    Audrey Hepburn  Funny Face PARIS

Photos: The 25 Most Fashionable Films in Hollywood

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What Do I Look Like?

Audrey Hepburn turned down the title role in Gigi (she originated the role on Broadway) to make Funny Face.

In Funny Face, Edith Head recreated the Bohemian aesthetic that was the rage among intellectuals during postwar Paris. Juliette Greco and other women wore comfortable clothes in black, a look that was elevated to iconic status by Audrey Hepburn.

What we think of now as 'classic' was really born in the Black and white, simple and classy lines, and Audrey Hepburn, really. -G / and AUDREY HEPBURN: Sim, você pode se vestir.

Rare Audrey Hepburn : Photo

Wish to: dress up like Audrey in Funny Face & dance like how she does in the movie. Audrey Hepburn, photo by Richard Avedon

Audrey Hepburn, 'Funny Face', 1957, directed by Stanley Donen

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