This sums up the core of the authentic PuertoRican meal ........   But what's missing ?????????? (Que falta?)

Arroz con gandules, pastel, ensalada de codito, ensalada de papa y pernil! Our Christmas dinner! The best dinner you will ever have!

I need to have authentic mofongo

Puerto Rican Food and Culture I made this video for a video project for one of my college courses. It is the first video I have ever made and I hope you find.

Mofongo (Puerto Rican Mashed Plantain)

Mofongo (Puerto Rican Mashed Plantain)

Serve this tasty Mofongo at your next dinner and it's guaranteed to go down in your book as a recipe to save and hand down to generations to come.

Relleno de Mofongo para Pavo - Que Rica Vida

Relleno Puertoriqueno de Mofongo para Pavo

LaLa's Puerto Rican Kitchen's chuleta con arroz blanco con habichuelas

Craving a taste of Puerto Rican Food? Try some meals that are almost as good as Abuela's at LaLa's Puerto Rican Kitchen, located in Old Bridge, NJ.

Spanish Gifts From Puerto Rico | ... Puerto Rico. Impress your family and friends with this yummy beverage

Coquito☀Puerto Rico☀ My Grandmother would make a bottle of this for all adult friends and family members every Christmas. It was my job to grate the coconut and we didn't have food processor back then. I miss helping her do this.

Any Puerto Ricans out there. Bring on the arroz blanco con wevo frito y ketchup oh y Spam!

Another Pinner wrote: Any Puerto Ricans out there. Bring on the arroz blanco con huevo frito y ketchup oh y Spam!